Merlin3 image for DM-800HDse Original


Retiro Espiritual
The feed updates are ready.

- Update default skin: see -> Default-HD-grey-ME
- Merge UptimeInfo Converter to BoxInfo converter and add 6 new types: BoxType, LoadAverage, MemInfo, FreeFlash, TempSensor (S0), Uptime. This makes UptimeInfo converter obsolete
- reworked PiconMapper. PiconMapper is not using PiconLoader by adding a virtual PiconSet. PiconMapper must be activated in Merlin Settings and sref2name must be installed (available in Merlin AddonManager)
- Update polish locale - thanks to kosmacz
- Merge ServiceNameOrbital to ServiceName Converter and add two new types: NameOrbital and Orbital. This makes ServiceNameOrbital converter obsolete