OpenPli 4.0 IPTV by MastaG / Japhar Team with 1200 FREE IPTV Channels VU+ Solo2


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OpenPli 4.0 IPTV by MastaG / Japhar Team with 1200 FREE IPTV Channels and with GStreamer (April 15th 2016)


- New gstreamer recipes based on christophecvr's github (small changes for PLi4)
- Upgrade glib2.0 and some other components like gobject-introspection to satisfy the new gstreamer recipes
- gstreamer1.0-libav is built using it's minimal libav with only support for wma (thank you chris)
It's pre-installed on all receivers except for the ones with only 64MB of flash (dm800/800se/500hd)
- Full ffmpeg 3.0.1 package is in the feeds for use with IPTV Player's exteplayer3 (thx to Taapat for the original bbappend)
Login with telnet and issue: opkg update && opkg install ffmpeg
- Latest openpli-oe-core changes
- Latest enigma2 changes
- spark: libeplayer3 is pre-installed now (also in the feeds) for movie players with support for this library
Note: servicemp3 still uses gstreamer
- spark: some OpenPLi enigma2 backports (since Taapat doesn't maintain his enigma2 branch anymore)
The servicemp3 memleak patch has been applied with some other patches/commits I found useful
- spark: don't force async mode on the dvbaudiosink anymore, it's now the same as all other receivers again
- Add Vu+ Solo 2 Lonrisun V4 (v1 and v2) images + feed

VU+ Solo2 Lonrisun V1 :!49onCbrL!eq0nVAJLMhyhsfxUsGgIJsT3QhW9i7xkrwfK4OadW3Y[\code]
[code]VU+ Solo2 Lonrisun V4(1) :!txIyjJwT!Y_zaBha5VgNIZF8L-8d0Ih6DB2j9E6VA90fAUlVihog[\code]

 [code]VU+ Solo2 Lonrisun V1(2) :!4og1FKaI!Ecbp1Fz57IXrrN4vhfePTdg0IozFB0_19olCzRj2blU
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